About Us

We have been jumpstarting artists’ careers and work projects for over thirty years.

We make fire with you.
Metaphorically of course.
We help you realize your potential, as artists and dreamers.

Three of the most influential milestones in our human evolution of adapting to the environment, are the use of fire, the making of stone tools and the invention of the wheel. For the genus Homo, for millions of years through to present experience, the history of technology and innovation can be framed through an accumulation of growth in an understanding of how to control fire.

There is evidence that Neanderthals made use of fire but they were not firestarters. They found and used fires made from lightning strikes on the landscape. As humans are inquisitive and precocious, occasional discoveries and observations change methods for fire generation. The making of stone tools precipitated the knowledge of how to start fire. Knowledge of how to make fire then spread through the land by training others or in individual experimentation.

“Making Fire” is our metaphor for realizing one’s aspirations and potential.

Our service organization, Firestarters began as a direct result of each of our trail blazing and pioneering spirits. As forward thinkers, we always have our sights on the horizon with an eye to history. We listen and learn who you are and what you want to accomplish. Our strategy is never to guide you towards who we want you to be.

While we specialize in the business of photography, our recipes for transitioning can be applied to all art forms and industry. We provide the tinder and kindle your specific journey. We’ve built a team of specialists who can illuminate the way based on your individual needs. Explore our services.

We’ll keep the hearth warm for you!

Meet the Firestarters

Meet the people behind our service called Firestarters
A Portfolio review with Leslie Sheryll (http://www.lesliesheryll.com) with her portfolio “Pick Your Poison”. Photo by Paula Tognarelli. All rights reserved.

What is a Firestarter?

We make fire with you.

Metaphorically of course.

We help you realize your potential, as artists and dreamers.

Interested in Being a Firestarter?

We are always looking for new team members with a vision aimed towards the future.

We have a few specialized skills in mind but are open to proposals. We are currently looking for:

  • Social Media Specialist
  • Audio Visual Specialist
  • Video Production Specialist

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