Steve Brettler

About Steve Brettler

Steve BrettlerĀ spent much of his adult life as the manager and then owner of the E.P Levine Company. It was there, as a result of his fortuitous purchase of the domain name way back in the infancy of the WWW, that he became interested in the potential of the world wide web as a tool to market and sell his wares. Eventually he wore himself out, sold the domain, and left his company in the capable hands of an employee and a business partner.

He subsequently leveraged those skills and his interests in small business ecosystems and started smallfish-design.

Now he uses WordPress (mostly) to build well designed, affordable, and highly functional websites for artists, nonprofits and small businesses of all types, from his cozy home office in Gloucester.

Brettler studied photography and music at Bennington College, teaches indoor cycling at a couple of local gyms and is currently learning how to play the Uilleann Pipes.